Sep. 15th, 2011

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I got a call on my Canadian cell this morning from 1-800-672-2813. It sounds like this particular caller is just all kinds of special:

The "survey" question this group asks you is irrelevant - the moment you answer the phone you are on their list! If you are unfortunate enough to have answered a call from this number here is how they pitch selling your personal information (taken from their website):

"In Canada, we have developed two other types of cell phone samples after contacting cell phones subscribers using our IVR system to conduct an automated survey. We started the study by generating numbers proportionately based on the population of Canada by province. The end results were two useful lists that may benefit you:

* working cell-phone numbers those are numbers we have screened by calling them using our IVR system, they resulted in someone answering the phone.
* and cell-only households. Those that have actually answered the question on our IVR system identifying them as a cell phone only household"

Now, I dislike junk calls, but that seems like they're going above and beyond the call of being obnoxious. It should probably be illegal if it isn't already.

Judging from the posts online, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if I heard someone had arranged to vandalize their offices, which are apparently just over in Gatineau on St. Joseph. The depth of rage on these "who called me?" sites disturbs me some, no matter how obnoxious the caller is.

Has someone already made an app that gathers info from the "who called me?" sites and auto-blocks or auto-sends-to-voicemail for these sites? I know Google Voice has spam filtering built in, but it seems like there's a lot of angry people out there who could use a solution.


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