Feb. 23rd, 2012

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My smart phone has decided that it needs to spontaneously reboot itself 5-10 times a day, so I have decided I probably need a new smart phone. I've been very lucky to receive contract-free dev phones for free the last couple of times, but that seems unlikely to happen again.

I don't currently have a data plan, but it turns out my boyfriend has a spare t-mobile sim for which he's paying for a plan just 'cause he wants to keep the unlimited deal he's got on it. (There's a longish story about why this makes sense in his very specific context of phone plans; I'm not sure I'd do the same, but it's his money.) I'm welcome to use said sim until such a time as he needs it, (which is possibly never). It would be a pretty huge upgrade as I'm currently on a pay-as-you-go and just pay for data when I'm travelling. I don't care about changing my phone number as the one I give out is my google voice number anyhow.

So... I'm looking for an unlocked cell phone that will work with t-mobile in the US.

HOWEVER, it turns out that phones are getting bigger and bigger, but my pockets are not. I've had my N1 fall out of my pocket when I crouch down twice this week as is. Sadly, online shopping rarely tells me how huge these things are. Can anyone suggest reasonable smartphones that are not much bigger than the Nexus One? Or point me to a reviews site that includes the phone dimensions? I wouldn't mind having a physical keyboard again and I'd probably prefer something that can be flashed with cyanogenmod, but I'm hoping to not pay $500+.


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