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I started writing this for the CU-WISE Wednesday fun feature, but it kills me that it won't be shared for a couple of weeks, so you get it now:

There are a lot of covers are the mario bros theme, but this one Jimmy Wong's version is especially cute and singable because it goes beyond the source to make something really fun:

And as if the song itself weren't amazing, the artist himself is a pretty neat guy. Check out the NPR story on him: Jimmy Wong Saves The Internet:

Jimmy Wong reminded me that the tools that can be deployed by the so-called cyberbullies are also freely available to those they harass.


The lyrics are funny and good-spirited, and effectively turn the tables on the original rant. And the song itself has a catchy hook, has been viewed about 800,000 times, and is now for sale on iTunes.

When I was a kid, here's one thing I never thought of saying to a bully who was about to pummel me:

"Hey, don't mess with me. I've got a quirky sense of humor, a great singing voice, and I know how to code!"

But Jimmy Wong and many others are proving those types of creative skills could be a decent way to put up a defense.

Jimmy's Mario song is available on iTunes along with a bunch of his other music, and proceeds are currently going to the Japanese relief efforts.

Other game fans might also love his legend of zelda medley, which is what I'm listening to right now.
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If you've got half an hour to spare, I recommend this fun secret agent high school romantic comedy:

Aden is an Agent of Secret Stuff (A.S.S.) whose final mission is to protect high school girl Taylor from the assassins of the Society Involving Not-so-good Stuff (S.I.N.S.). It's cute, it's funny, with really amazing performances and even the music to back it up.

This appears to be a labour of love and not a paid production. I've got a soft spot for these, having worked on a few myself (mostly as crew, although I "act" in one production), but this is something else: high high production values, entertaining if slightly silly script, music that totally goes with the secret agent theme, actors who can make more than two facial expressions (I'm looking at you, Hollywood) and... It may be the best comedy I've watched this year (and given that I get stuck watching them on planes a lot, that's not a small sample!). It's a little bit of a cross between Harold and Kumar and a love story, but in a fun way. Worth watching with friends -- I had even more fun when I got Susan and Dan to watch it with me!

Full length video under the cut )


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