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A friend pointed out this sort of fun take on wishlists. I like especially that there's no need for the request to be physical items so much as help with something, so I've been thinking about things I want that maybe other people could help with...

1. A new web design for http://list.org. I've been promised near-complete creative control if and when I'd like to redo it, but haven't had the time, and if someone could hash out a design or two for me to start with it'd save a lot of trouble. Or you could do the whole thing including reorganizing the content -- that's even more time I don't need to spend! It'll have to be highly standards compliant, and preferably fairly simple/minimal/clean -- absolutely no flash, probably no JavaScript even. I can sit down with someone and explain my vision for this project and known issues with the existing site in more detail if necessary.

2. Beautiful demos and/or integration of my students' code into Mailman 3. I have some students who did some lovely work on the archives of Mailman (you can read their summer of code blogs here and here) but haven't had time to integrate it. I really want to do this myself, but if I wait for me to have time it may not get done 'till summer of code starts up again... The code is in python, and even if you're not a coder doing some nice web design for the UI to show off the functionality the students have built would also be amazing.

3. Someone to drive Now We Must Fight forwards. This means someone who can organize a location to start shooting with sufficient light and space, as well as coordinate the schedules of a handful of fighters, choreographers and crew. In a similar vein, someone to coordinate readers and recording for HL. I just haven't sat down to get people over for a recording session and could use someone to set a date in mid-January and possibly edit the resulting audio recordings. I have new project books and can host, I just need a nudge to set up a time (likely mid-january).

4. I *was* going to say find me the perfect job when I started writing this list, but since I currently have an offer in hand, I think perhaps that would not be a tactful request. However, I do have a few friends who are job hunting and would love leads. Three who might be able to find help here: a highly experienced DBA (esp. Oracle) who would like to stay in Ottawa, a (mostly windows) system admin who would prefer to stay in Ottawa (but might be more flexible for the perfect job), and finally a senior(?) software developer who is more mobile.

5. I'm looking for a miniature figure for my current role-playing character in our d&d 3.5 campaign. She's human, a favoured soul of Kord, and will probably be wearing heavy armour and wielding a greatsword. I hate stupid fantasy armour (e.g. must protect the boobs, not display them), and I don't like minis that look angry. Bonus if you can also find a mini for my sister's character, who is a rogue/swashbuckler who likes to use atypical weapons (I think she's currently using a halberd?). Again, no stupid armour. You don't have to buy said figure: pointing out models that might work would be awesome. :) Painted would be nice, since I haven't had much time for detail work myself. Sketches of the two characters adventuring together would also be fun for our (private) game website!

6. I could use some coding help with my thesis work (currently using webkit/chromium). I actually *can* delegate some of my code to someone else if you'd like to be an unpaid (but credited) research assistant, but what I really could use right now is pointers to good tutorials and documentation for my own edification. I'm currently interested in modifying CSS and co-opting the HTML5 iframe sandbox implementation. I'll likely be interested in creating chrome/chromium plugins too. By the time I get back to this from the theory work I'm doing now, I'll probably have forgotten all I know, so even lower-level tutorials would be awesome.

7. Recommendations of graphic novels/manga that are neither too dark nor too inane. Think of stuff like Girl Genius, Meridian, early Elfquest (wow, their site is irritating), even Ex Machina (which is actually somewhat dark, but with a lot of light shining through). I periodically get good recommendations for darker stuff, but I've been craving sweeter stories with happier endings and less angst and gore of late.

8. http://planeteria.org/wfs/ seems to be down, and I miss the aggregator of women in free/libre open source software that used to be there. Can someone tell me what happened? Anyone want to start a new one? I'd like it to use software that can do the aggregation and let users sign up and edit their own feeds, with a few folk having editorial control to keep spammers from taking over. I can volunteer to help with the editorial control if needed.

9.Help understanding US medical insurance and other minutiae about moving to the US as a foreign national. I have an offer that I'm really excited about, but I feel barely qualified to understand the benefits package, let alone what the conditions on my working in the US will likely be, or even how I go about paying taxes (and who gets what?). Are there good "immigrating to america as a tech worker" resources I should be perusing?

10. And just so there's one thing that fits the stereotypical consumerist mould for wish lists... I really want this necklace of pi to 35 decimals. Really really want it. Wouldn't turn down the excellent Fibonacci necklace either. ;)

If you can help with any of those, I would very much appreciate it! And I'd love to see your wishlists too!


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