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It's been a while since I just wrote about what I'm doing, so let me tell you about some of this week:

Cory Doctorow (Speaking in Albuquerque, NM)

On Wednesday I...

... continued to run cool experiments on mutated software at work.
... went to see Cory Doctorow speak at the library.
... went out for falafel with some local hacklab folk.
... beat up an ingress portal with the help of my lvl 8 friend.

Today was less cool, what with the 2hr taxes-for-aliens session (not actually what they call it, but accurate enough), but I did make some coffee cupcakes with cream cheese icing.

Coffee cupcake with cream cheese icing

I plan to feed those to my coworkers (partially to make fun of the fact that we ran out of coffee today. "Look, I brought coffee!") and anyone who shows up at the local 2600 meeting tomorrow.

Then, on Saturday I'm going to build stilts and hopefully learn to walk on them! Or more likely, bruise my knees a lot, but hey, can never learn if I don't try, right?

And on Sunday I'm playing a concert of predominantly Percy Grainger music (which is pretty music-nerdy), and then hopefully taking part in a meeting to start a local Hacker Scouts guild.

So yeah, I've mostly been living life rather than photographing it and posting about it lately, but it is a very awesome life and you should all be jealous, promise!

Date: March 4th, 2013 06:45 am (UTC)
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Let us know how the stilts experiment goes! I keep meaning to try a set of the bouncy ones, but they're juuuuuust too expensive for me to justify dropping the money on. Just barely. [grin] But maybe someday.


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