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This is my favourite wantable box so far!

Let's start with the boring and work our way up:

Wantable Socks - Color: Black

Wantable Socks
Wantable, your system isn't so good with colour, is it? Pretty sure that's not black.

These are a cheaped out part of the box, for me. I could buy these at the drug store for probably $3.99 or less, so the claimed $6 by stamping a wantable brand on the tag is pushing it.

That said, they're kind of cute neon socks. I'm not a huge fan of short socks since I've moved out of the desert and have discovered that short socks often result in damp ankles, and I hate damp ankles, but I'll enjoy these when I'm not leaving the house, anyhow.

Lace Hipster White Multi

It's a sad statement when the fuchsia lace almost looks tasteful to me, isn't it?

This is a panty in the "cheeky" style, which means your ass cheeks hang out a bit below the fabric. Some people like this, as it makes them feel sexy and aware of their ass. I generally don't like being aware of my ass since I work in such a male-dominated industry, spend my day doing things I consider more important than contemplating my ass, and find these ride up my butt crack a bit much, so they ride right past sexy and into annoying. (Much like many men in the male-dominated industry in which I work, now that I think about it.)

One very weird oddity about these is the crotch. I'll spare you the picture (because I'm lazy and they're in the wash right now) but instead of having a normal rectangular reinforced area there, it's got a sort of flappy diamond-shaped cotton cloth thing secured with a giant cross (i.e. the diagonal lines flop). It's weird and not quite big enough to make me feel particularly protected, especially given how these sit on my body even not counting the riding up problem.

Overall, they're sufficiently funny-looking that I feel they have added some weird into my intimates wardrobe, which was sort of the point of this exercise. So I'm not actually sad that I have them because they'll make me laugh. But they're sufficiently poorly-designed (especially the crotch) that I wouldn't recommend them to others.

Claimed value: $8.

Muk Luk Herringbone Tights Black

Muk Luk tights
I am so going to get more foot fetishists liking this photo on flickr than I care to contemplate...

As you may recall, I loved my muk luk slipper socks, so I was really thrilled to get these. They're nice textured tights. I'd actually been meaning to get some of these now that it's warming up enough that skirts aren't impractical wear, so the timing was perfect.

Muk luk herringbone tights

They seem a bit delicate, but I wore them all day and played on the floor with a tiny dog in them, and they don't look wrecked, so they're probably not as delicate as they look.

Claimed value: $19

QT Intimates Boyshort Animal Print

Nauseating pink leopard print panties
Nauseating pink leopard print panties

These are hilarious. The pink animal print on the butt makes me nauseous. I realize real animals have whorls of hair like that, but having the three together makes me feel like we've entered a dimension full of pink leopard print in the TARDIS or something. They made the other panty print with its hot pink dots look positively sedate.

Snark about the colour aside, these are the superior panties. They are without *any* of the flaws found in the other pair of panties in this box. No weird crotch, no riding up, no cheeks hanging loose.

What I particularly like about these is the lace around the legs. It gives a bit of the "cheeky" effect that the other panties were going for, but provides extra stability so that they don't ride up. These are incredibly comfortable, and if they had come in any other pattern, I'd probably be singing their charms and buying more. As is, I love them, but I'm a little embarrassed to say so.

Claimed value: $10

PACT Navy Bandana Camisole

PACT camisole

I love love love this piece. It fits me perfectly, has a bit of runching in the front so it sits properly on my boobs, goes down to my hips, it's soft, and it even claims that profits of the sale went towards urban garden projects. How cool is that?

My only complaint is their flavour text about the organic cotton, which I'm too lazy to look up right now but it included something like "it's certified organic, which means no harsh pesticides" FAIL. Certified organic means a restricted set of organic pesticides, not no pesticides, and many of those organic pesticides are plenty harsh and dangerous.


Mis-information aside, PACT seems like a pretty cool company. They're a bit hippy-dippy, but they claim to be sweatshop-free and their prices are reasonable, so I'm willing to give them a bunch of money. The hard part is in deciding what I want and how many tank tops I can justify buying at once...

Claimed value: $28 (Actual value: Originally $30 on PACT's website, but currently marked down to $12)


Lots of winners in this box, and only one pair of panties that was annoying. I discovered a new brand which I like, even if they don't understand what certified organic means. I am pleased!

... which is just as well, because February's box is so underwhelming that I may return it entirely. Stay tuned for pictures!


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