Jan. 21st, 2013

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I haven't been keeping up with my book reviews here although I do add them to librarything and should probably just write myself an export script so it's easier for me. But whatever, that's not done yet, and I finished a book this afternoon while I was waiting for my experiment to run, so here it is.

Under Wraps (The Underworld Detection Agency Chronicles)
by Hannah Jayne

I liked the characters and the world of this funny urban fantasy, but they seemed almost out of sync with the murder that Sophie is supposed to be solving: the serial murder case seemed to take a back seat to the banter and internal monologuing of our somewhat hapless heroine. If you're looking for serious urban fantasy give this a miss, but it's fun in a first season Buffy sort of way. I'm not sure if it really grabbed me enough to read the next one, but who knows, maybe it'll grow into something more as the series expands?


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