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This morning, I learned that in order to move to the US, I need to have already moved to the US.

No, seriously. Despite the fact that I asked repeatedly if there was any other documentation needed for my movers to export my stuff to the US, I got a call this morning (that honestly sounded a bit panicked) asking for the immigration form that I can only get *after* I've gone through US immigration. So apparently in order to move my stuff to the US, I need to have already crossed the border.

I don't know if this is true, or if my movers are confused because they don't understand my wandering-academic visa, or what, but I'll have said paperwork tomorrow as long as nothing gets messed up at immigration, so I'll just send it then.

Still kinda wishing I'd just gone scorched earth on all my stuff rather than just the furniture...

Date: October 20th, 2011 07:58 am (UTC)
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Circular dependencies are rife in immigration matters. There's a weird problem for some immigrants (fortunately not me) here in Germany where they have to get health insurance before they arrive for immigration purposes. BUT in order to live and work in Germany, they have to get German health insurance (all Germans do as well as immigrants). They usually can't get German health insurance until their employers sign them up for a Krankenkasse (unless they're rich). They can't get their employer to do it until they arrive in Germany. They can't arrive in Germany until they have health insurance...

(The solution is double-insurance via travel health plans, but that insurance doesn't meet the legal requirement for working in Germany.)


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