Jun. 1st, 2010

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Here's a very scattered account of my trip thus far, told in the photos that I finally took off my camera yesterday:

The first week was in this lovely hotel/resort with a view. There's a lot of cool papers I should probably write about, like the awesome-if-terrifying car-hacking stuff. (You know what would be handy? If anyone who broke into your car could reprogram it so hitting the brake pedal caused the windshield wipers to go on. And no brakes. And then the code could reboot the computer and leave no trace? Yup, they can do it. I'm now suspicious of any important person who dies in a fluke car accident.)

John and I went to this awesome diner that I spotted on our drive from the airport. It was tasty tasty (I love brunch, especially when it comes with a pile of fruit) and there was a model train running through the place over our booth and the kitchen. And old radios, and other trains, and... totally awesome.

Bridge from Foster City

Then came maker faire and a week of hanging out and seeing friends here, but I haven't processed those pictures yet, so let's skip ahead to the day where I got to see my friend Valerie in Gypsy! I'd been hearing her talk about auditions, rehearsals, and wishing I could go... but it wasn't till I actually sat down after the conference that I realised I *could* go see her. The show was great, and she was excellent as the snooty receptionist who is one of the few folk to stand up to Mama Rose in the whole piece.

After the show, we went wandering because the weekly photo assignment this week was to go somewhere you'd never been and take a picture. So the bridge in the photo above is from our first wandering.

Although I'd been in to Japantown in San Jose a few times for sushi, I'd never walked around the corner from my boyfriend's favourite sushi joint... until yesterday. We walked by just at the beginning of the golden hour, and it was perfect.

I'm irked that I'd never visited before. The area's quite interesting. I found a monument on one corner that read simply "Feb 19, 1942" and looked around at the plaques nearby trying to puzzle it out. I figured it had something to do with the war, but it wasn't a familiar date to me, so Google had to provide the answer: February 19, 1942: President Franklin D. Roosevelt issues Executive Order 9066, commencing the wartime internment of Japanese-Americans. A fascinating (if disturbing) piece of history to me, as half of my family underwent much the same in Canada.

I've insisted we go back for sushi and wandering at lunchtime this week, so there may be more pictures and exploring before I head home.

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A few of us are hopefully getting together for dinner on Wednesday in Mountain View. If you want to get the invite and and up-to-date info, let me know your email address!
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I'm helping to mentor some totally awesome students working on improved archives for Mailman as part of Google Summer of Code this year, and before they start writing code we'd like to gather some data on how people really use the Mailman archives. If you have a minute, it'd help us a whole lot if you could fill out this survey to tell us how you use the existing archives and how you'd like to use them:


I know I'm always inundated with survey requests, but I promise this one will help us create Archives Of The Future. ;) Seriously, this should lead to more usable and useful Mailman archives, and who doesn't want that? Feel free to pass it around to anyone else who might want to help, and if you have any questions or concerns please contact me.


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