Apr. 18th, 2011

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Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill

Twitter-sized review: Too much romance and not enough friendship in my vampire smut? I may be doing this wrong.

Longer notes: This is the second in the series that started with Some Girls Bite. Part of what I liked about the first book was the dynamic between Merit and her friends, but sadly this is the (apparently inevitable) part of supernatural fiction where the main character starts to get kinda obsessed with Big Sexy Vampire and starts ignoring her friends. So while I enjoyed knowing what happened next, I'm disappointed by how far in the background the secondary characters got pushed so she could brood over her boss. Now, that's not to say that the plot didn't drive forwards and we've learned some more interesting stuff about the politics of the supes here... And it kept the tension up rather than devolving into nothing but fanged make-outs. But it just wasn't what I was hoping to get out of the series, and it lost some of what made this series rise above the rest of the genre. I want my fictional women to have friends, darnit!

Of course, Merit still does have some of her friends despite how she treated them this book, so I'm hoping that this is just the necessary conflict to strengthen the friendships later, and the next novel will be more awesome.
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Can anyone here recommend good applications that work with Dreamwidth?

I'd like to write posts without using my web browser since I tend to crash/close/abuse my web browser a lot. Recall: I'm a web security researcher, so this is part of my job and not something I can just avoid. I use multiple browsers to offset some of the issues, but I'm still stuck with problems like the fact that you can't ^Z undo in the default dreamwidth posting thing (what is with that, anyhow? Has it been reported as a bug?)

I'm currently using iJournal, but it leaves some to be desired because I can't have multiple posts open at once.

Suggestions for better ways to post that aren't necessarily desktop applications are also welcome!

Edit: On a related note, if you're still looking for dreamwidth codes to try this out, there seem to be a bunch here.


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