Apr. 11th, 2012

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I said on twitter:
It appears someone may have stolen our broken dryer from the backyard. The gas-powered one that was going to burn down the house. Not sad.

But someone asked on fb what's up with that, so here's the longer story:

It's a slightly longer story than fits in a tweet: The broken dryer was in the backyard since they replaced it yesterday, and we'd been told someone was coming to pick it up, so when someone rang the doorbell John showed them the dryer in the backyard and they carted it off.

But then the friend/cousin of the landlord's who'd been helping with this showed up and was all "someone's coming to pick up the dryer" whereupon John said "he's already been and gone" and Cousin was all "uhh... I hope not" and it turns out that apparently they'd arranged on fb for this guy to show up and give the cousin $20 for the dryer. But he didn't give us any money, and we didn't know to ask for it (also, I'm not sure I'd ask anyone for money for Deathtrap Dryer anyhow, but that's another story about how I think gas-powered appliances with broken shutoffs shouldn't be in use).

So then Cousin was all upset and phoning the dude because we don't even know if it's the *right* guy who came to get the dryer or whether they had this whole conversation on someone's public facebook wall and some stranger was all "huh, free dryer in the backyard!" or what. John helpfully pointed out that it could, technically, be reported as theft.

Meanwhile, I am thrilled that Deathtrap Dryer is gone, and if it burns down a thief's house, so be it. ;)

In short: We didn't have to pay someone to haul away the dangerous old dryer! No matter what the landlords call it, I figure that's a win.


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