Jun. 17th, 2012

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It's apparently the New Mexico centennial (even though Albuquerque itself is quite a bit older) so I gather ABQ Summerfest was bigger than usual. I have no point of comparison, but there was a fair amount of stuff going on for a free street party!

I like that they're willing to close off the main street through downtown for a street party. It was pretty similar to Westfest in Ottawa: info booths (and free stuff) from various organizations, music at small stages here there and everywhere, food and other random stuff for purchase. Although Westfest doesn't have civil war reenactors hanging out in the park with cannons, I suppose, and it's smaller. The only jarring thing was actually how much security there was: I think they'd called in police from the surrounding areas and the state, plus we saw a bunch of guys in TSA uniforms wandering by (no clue if they were working security or just happened to get off work together and come down, though). I don't know what sort of trouble they were expecting or if it's just that everyone volunteered to work the festival, but I didn't see them doing much more than walking around and smiling at folk, so that was nice enough.

It was hot, so I think my favourite moments involved hanging out in shady parks, listening to bands I'd never heard of previously. To be honest, that's often my favourite part of any summer festival anyhow, and since they were showcasing a lot of New Mexican stuff, there was plenty I didn't recognize.

I walked around plenty on my sandals and had no problem with my ankle, despite having done a Zumba class on Thursday and walked around a bunch on Friday, so I think I can assume it's sufficiently stable. It's still a bit uncomfortable to kneel, but I remember that took something like 6 months before I could sit on it pointed straight last time, so I'm not too surprised. I pinched the stupid nerve in my leg sometime last week while our friends were out visiting, and it's been acting up when I walk, but it's slowly working its way back to normal too, so walking around was actually pretty pleasant as long as I stopped to sit and listen now and again.

All in all, a lovely festival!


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