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I'm trying to get back into the swing of doing active photo assignments every week. So here's this week's photos and explanations:

Trail and tram

Trail and tram

Taken for AAW: Still and Moving

The Sandia mountain peak is at 10,378 feet, and the tram is definitely the fastest way there, taking you from 6500ish feet to over ten thousand in around 15 minutes. More about the Sandia tram. However, it is actually possible to hike all the way up there if you have a lot of time and even more stamina... One way is definitely faster than the other.

On the left, you can see the quiet hiking trail that I'm standing on to take the picture (note the complete lack of guard rails as you walk along the edge of the ridge) and on the right you can see the tram, constantly in motion bringing passengers ascending to the peak. (Yup, you can see the passengers if you view this large!)

What it took:
$20 for the tram ride, a short hike along the ridge looking for a nice spot where I could see both trail and tram, and some waiting. I wish I'd thought to do a nice HDR here, but I forgot until the tram was too close to fiddle with camera settings, so this was post-processed to balance out the exposure a bit and bring out some more of the colour the way it looked to my eyes.

Music in motion and stillness

Music in motion and stillness

Taken for AAW: Still and Moving

As a musician, I'm often told to remember that the silences and stillness are as important to a piece as the notes, so when I saw the "Still and moving" assignment I immediately thought of music.

It's hard to show sound in a photo, but it is a little possible with a stringed instrument because you can see the moving strings that produce the sound. In this case, the four right most or lowest strings are being plucked, while the two upper strings remain (mostly) still.

What it took:
Guitar on my lap (played more dobro-style) so I could better manage the lighting and reach the camera shutter without risk of the instrument slipping. I pointed a small warm light at my fingers to get some shine and enough light to brighten the strings so you'd be able to see the motion. Then put the camera on a tripod and set the aperture to 1.4 for soft bokeh around the edges and to amplify any motion of the strings. I think I used the timer for this shot, although I experimented with the remote and with operating the camera directly. I chose a 1/10 exposure so that you'd see the motion blur on the things I was intentionally moving and hopefully not the guitar body (or camera when I was hitting the shutter directly). I tried first with just the strings moving, but it wasn't sufficiently obvious what was going on unless you knew what to look for, and I wanted a picture that was more clear and hopefully satisfying to non-musicians!

All the fiddling happened before the photo was taken, so this is straight out of camera (well, converted to jpg, but close enough)

Another photo idea that didn't make it:
I thought it would have been nice to set up the photo so that you could see the still fingers holding a chord on the neck of the guitar and the moving fingers doing fingerpicking. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure I could manage the lighting and camera without a helper on that one, so I decided to go with the simpler shot. Perhaps another day!
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And, to offset the griping in my private posts today, here's a pretty picture of something I'm working on:

Knitting big and small

I took this photo for the Active Assignment Weekly flickr group, which gives a weekly photo challenge. I haven't been participating much for a variety of reasons, but this week's challenge was "big and small" and the knitting was right there.

I have to say, though I love the final look of knitted cables, they are the most hand cramping awfulness at that size and my level of experience. The metal needles are new, purchased because I have horribly bent the wooden ones in that size that I was using. Glad I started on the wood, or I'd have given up in despair over dropped stitches on slippery needles, but I'm also glad I switched because it's so much easier now that I've got the hang of it. And I'm glad I didn't give up, 'cause gloves are a nice size to carry around and now that the first one's close to done I'm so darned pleased with myself for managing it! I have clearly leveled up in knitting between this and the chunky lace scarf I've been working on.

Next up: finishing my long-neglected pony for Katie (she has hair now, but I'm rubbish at embroidering cutie marks on crochet...) more crocheted angry birds for people to play with at the Albuquerque mini maker faire, and finishing my set of mane 6 teensy tiny felted crochet ponies. Plus a Top Secret present project that must be done before the end of September.

I am also trying very hard not to get drawn into making an arcade sona dress. I've been playing some more LoL specifically because she was free in the pax swag bag and not only do I like playing support (something I didn't have a char for in LoL) but I also enjoy the cute little video game touches they put on that skin. The DDR attack forces people to dance!

Unfortunately, I'm not interested in spending a day wearing nothing but a bra on top, so it's not likely cosplay for me. But I am obsessed with her skirt right now with the pixels and the rainbows. I have a problem, I know.

Edit: because the Arcade Sona costume idea is in my brain now -- wouldn't it be cool to build her console and have the buttons make the light effects, including the DDR attack? I could totally find a little set of projector lights that would let me do that... Darnit, I'm not talking myself out of this anytime soon, am I?
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I'm working on a few other projects that are secret 'cause they're presents, but this one's a present that the recipient is expecting, so you get to see her now:

Violet Pony for KatieViolet Pony for KatieViolet Pony for KatieViolet Pony for KatieViolet Pony for Katie

I'm still waiting to hear from Katie to see if she needs any adjustment or whether the colour is what she had in mind, but it's nice to have another pony done!
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Quelab had a chocolate-themed hack night tonight, which included a double boiler made from dog dishes, delicious chocolate pearls (I almost typed perl... such a geek), several variations on chocolate mousse, several failed attempts at a chocolate rocket (although the test fuel burned well, the fuse fizzled on the rocket itself). But my favourite part was sitting down with a bunch of fellow geeks and altering conversation hearts to be a little more geeky. We had waaaaaay too much goofing off and geeking out while coming up with things to put on the candy. The best set is probably these themed ones:

I came home craving Doctor Who and devoured a couple of episodes while putting together my crochet Fluttershy. More pictures of the hacklab and the new pony tomorrow, though; I am sleepy now.
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It's been a really long time since I did a photo for this Active Assignment group I'm in on Flickr, but one of my fellow members challenged me to come back so I managed a photo this week. The assignment was "figures of speech" so this is "things are looking up"

Things are looking up

I amuse myself, anyhow. We'll see if it amuses anyone else in the group!


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