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When I was trying to decide which makeup box I was going to try, I looked at Wantable (again, thanks to the most excellent blog Brightest Bulb In the Box: Beauty for Critical Minds). Unfortunately, since their big thing is that they give full-sized products, something I actually didn't want given my minimal makeup needs, I wasn't even tempted by them. However, I found out that they also did an intimates subscription box. I had just done a big cull on my underwear and socks and discovered that once I'd gotten rid of anything showing its age, I didn't have much left, so I figured I'd give it a shot! Plus, wantable promises that you can return any box didn't love, so it wasn't as huge a risk as it might have been.

Box 1 was October:

Wantable October Box

Unfortunately, Wantable doesn't give me a nice list on the website of what I got with product links and stuff. Missed opportunity, guys: I would probably be ordering more of those socks if you'd made it easy for me!

In the interest of just Writing The Darned Review, here's what I had, without product links:

Thing #1: Pink argyle socks, knee high.

I love these and wear them all the time. So cute!

Thing #2: Little plastic clips for converting your bra to a more racerback style.

I own a set of these, pretty much identical, that I got at the dollar store for a buck, so I can't say I was thrilled that this was part of a $36 subscription box. Also, since I already own them, I know they are useless to me: my shoulders are so broad that there's not enough give in my bra straps to use these without everything becoming too tight. I gave them to my sister to try out, though, and she says they were ok for her, so not a total loss.

Thing #3: Coobie bandeau top, pink and lace-y

I've never worn a bandeau, so I was glad to try this out. It's actually a nice addition to my wardrobe in that it can be layered with a low-cut shirt, and the colour works with a bunch of the things I own. It does feel a bit like I'm intentionally binding my breasts, though, and it doesn't always stay in place on me, so it's not like I'm a sudden bandeau top convert, but I like having the option!

Thing #4: Coobie camisole, beige

I had just been thinking that I could use some camisoles (again, to deal with the slightly-too-low-cut shirts that I got from threadless and a few other places) and this fits the bill nicely, although the beige colour is perhaps a little too close to skin-tone to get a nicer layering effect. It's also nicer than a bra under certain types of sheer shirts. I do wish the bra cups were a bit bigger (they're little triangles that don't quite fit the natural curve of my breasts), but they're removable so I can always fix that later. I actually liked this so much that I bought another one on Amazon, in bright pink (since it was the only colour they had).

Thing #5: Jockey panties, brown and beige lace

These are... really not my style. I actively dislike peekaboo lace on my butt, and if my boyfriend likes it, I don't want to know. They may get put in rotation simply because I'm low on underwear, but they don't fit well, they ride up, and I think they're ugly, so... anyone want a pair of panties I've only worn once? You should probably have a smaller butt than me, since these ran smaller than the label would have implied.



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